Teclim Quimica offer to his customers supply raw materials for maritime scrubbers and also fuel additives. We help to preserve the Environment and also to comply with the IMO 2020.

We can offer this service to all Spanish ports , south of France and Gibraltar.

We can deliver all products in IBC, autopump truck and if is needed we can organize a barge. We have all kind of hoses, connectors and pumps that can be needed for that opetaions.

Products that we usally supply:

  • Caustic Soda 50 %
  • Urea 40 % (Ad Blue 40)
  • Urea 32 % (Ad Blue 32)
  • Soda Ash
caustic soda delivey on a cargo vessel
Delivering Caustic Soda in a Cargo Vessel

If you need another raw material please contact us.