CT-400 – Cristalliser




The CT-400 is a crystalliser for the machine polishing of calcareous surfaces (marble, terrace, mosaic) which covers them with a microcrystalline network of extreme hardness and metallic shine, obtaining a durable and non-slip crystallised finish.

Application method:

Spray the pavement in areas of around 4-6m2 with the help of a sprayer or dripper. Preventing these drops from drying out, spread them with the help of a polishing machine equipped with steel wool as quickly as possible. When it is clear that the product has penetrated the pavement, it is possible to slow the polisher down until the shine is obtained. Once dry and shiny, an optimum result can be obtained by polishing with a woollen or felt disc, which increases the shine remarkably, especially in humid environments. On porous pavements, it may be convenient to do a second coat, or finish it with a little wax.

Surfaces and Uses:

First of all, apply a stripping product to remove any remnants from previous treatments (such as the DAC-100 for remnants of works or the DAC-120 for already porous and worn floors).

Recommended doses

  • Approximate dose recommended: 1kg for every 80 square metres.
  • Apply the product directly using the machine, as described in the instructions.

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