DAC-IOO – Acid descaler



The DAC-100 is an effective descaler for cleaning surfaces that contain dirt, lime, cement and rust. Useful as a cleaner and descaler for bathrooms.

Application method:

It can be applied either manually or with a polishing machine, using a brush or synthetic abrasive disc.

Surfaces and Uses:

It can be used on any type of surface, to remove calcareous remnants from the end of works or to remove floors in poor condition.

Recommended doses:

  • Spread the DAC-100, either neat or mixed with water, quickly on the surface to be cleaned, either manually or with the help of a machine. If there is lots of residue or the floor is delicate, it is advisable to rinse the surface with clean water simultaneously.
  • On surfaces of delicate marble and limestone, the product should be diluted in water, 1 part of product per 2 to 5 parts of water.

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