At Teclim Química, respect for the environment is a priority and that is why we have implemented an environmental protection policy. We believe that the chemical sector should be one of the most sensitive to environmental issues and that is why we actively work to improve this aspect every day.


We try to update our production processes with TIA (Technical Improvements Available) as established by Directive 2010/75/EU


All our products are manufactured with biodegradable raw materials and meet current technical and sanitary standards, as stipulated in Regulation 648/2004/CE. The surfactants contained in all our products meet the criteria of aerobic final biodegradation of at least 90% in a maximum period of 28 days.


Teclim Química has implemented a zero waste water discharge system and we always improve to achieve minimal wastage in all our industrial processes.


Teclim Química works hard to manage the packaging received and that which it puts on the market. This is why it has implemented the following management plans:


SDDR System of Deposit and Return of Reusable Containers, where once we have used the content of the container, our suppliers collect it to wash it and later reuse it.



SIG Integral Waste System, where we manage, along with Ecoembes, (which includes light packaging, paper and cardboard) the containers that Teclim Química puts on the market to ensure its subsequent recycling and management.



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