The Rosell Products Company was created in 1886 by Gil Rosell, who put the company in a building in Barcelona’s Eixample. At first, the company was mainly involved in the production of auxiliary products for the textile industry, which was very active throughout Catalonia at the end of the 19th century. Little by little, with the disappearance of many of the textile factories, the company refocused on the production of specialised cleaning products, producing paint strippers, detergents, descalers, degreasers, etc.



The crisis of the textile sector in the 70s, together with the pressure to abandon industrial activity in the centre of Barcelona, enabled Rosell Products to buy the Teclim Química company, which had an industrial warehouse in the Can Roses de Rubí business district, and sold a portfolio of additional products with their own. The company made its way by developing, marketing and distributing specific products for industrial cleaning and treatment of all types of surfaces. In 1984, the current company was formalised with the name of Productos Rosell S.A.


The company is still family-owned and is currently led by the fifth generation. With more than a century of experience, quality, innovation and commitment to our customers have been our central focus, which has allowed the company to weather different crises throughout these years.