HSM-430 – High Speed Metallised Wax



The HSM-430 is a polish that is used to clean and restore the shine of pavements, whether hard or soft, to those to which a polishing treatment has previously been applied. Its special formulation based on hard waxes and synthetic polymers allows an excellent result to be obtained, with periodic maintenance with maximum speed.

Application method:

With the help of a sprayer, spread the product in front of where the machine is working, equipped with a synthetic disc for polishing, simultaneously pushing it forwards. When the end of the strip is reached, move the machine backwards to retrace the path taken, which facilitates the elimination of its own tracks and the tracks of the wheels of the machine (it is useful not to allow more than ten seconds to pass between both passes to prevent drying of these prints). With this wipeover, the floor will stay clean and shiny and can be used without any worries. After 5 minutes, the polish has already dried and then, if desired, the shine can be increased by giving it a dry wipeover and it can be exposed to normal traffic since it already has the required minimum hardness that will increase slightly further over time.

Surfaces and Uses:

The simultaneous cleaning-restoration of shine operation is done by applying the product by means of high-speed polishing machines.

Recommended doses:

  • Approximate dose recommended: 1kg per 50 square metres.
  • Apply with sprayer on the bare floor and then pass high speed machine over.

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