Mission, Vision and Values


Offer our clients quality products for professional cleaning, through our recognised brands Rosell® and Teclim® Offer customised technological solutions to meet specific needs.


A leading company in the detergent sector, providing confidence, quality and service to our customers. To be an innovative company, capable of generating applicable solutions in our business areas: hospitality, industry and professional cleaning, exploiting the potential of our brands..


  • We promote continuous improvement of our business activities in order to be able to guarantee quality products.
  • Service and commitment to our clients, trying to reach the desired degree of satisfaction and trust.
  • Creativity and innovation: constantly searching for new technical solutions to be able to offer new products which cover different niche markets.
  • Ethics: we guarantee ethical behaviour with our customers and end users of our products. Regarding current legislation
  • Integrity: coherence and ethical behaviour towards people, the environment and society.
  • Honesty: Having a sincere and fair attitude, internally and externally