Productos Rosell, a Teclim Quimica brand, has launched a cleaning detergent for solar panels (LL-578).

Its main features are:

  • Leaves no residue and protects the solar panels
  • Easy dissolution in water, great moisturising power
  • Concentrated detergent, helps reduce costs
  • Strips and emulsifies all traces of dirt
  • Create a static film by keeping the solar panels cleaner for longer
  • Completely biodegradable and respectful of the environment


LL-578 revolutionises the cleaning of solar panels, as it has been specially created for the cleaning of photovoltaic panels, eliminating dirt and maximising the production of solar energy. The product has been designed to be used both in industrial facilities (both mono and polycrystalline, or thin-film modules), and can also be used in domestic installations.

It can be applied with a dampening solution or pressure lance without the need to rinse once applied. This reduces the time needed by the operator to clean the solar panels, resulting in savings in operating costs.

The formulation of the product contains surface-active biodegradable ingredients, ensuring a perfect cleaning, as well as covering agents which generate a protective film that keeps the glass free of particles for longer. It is specially formulated for use on new tempered glass with low iron content, as well as for respecting and maintaining anti-reflective coatings, including those from the latest generation.

In regions with low rainfall, it is important to keep the plates free of dust and bird defections. The cleaning of the solar panels ensures maximum production and is essential for prolonging the useful life of the installation. Scientific studies (Mitchell et al., 2006), show that the loss of annual efficiency due to dirt on the surface of solar panels can reach 0.0011 kWh/kWp/day, equivalent to around a 5% decline in energy production.

The characteristics of the LL-578 make it perfect for some additional uses such as window cleaning in tall buildings, which by generating a static layer in the glass will prevent it from accumulating dirt quickly, prolonging the times between cleanings.


Developing products such as LL-578, the company Teclim Quimica demonstrates its involvement with the environmentand the care of our environment, improving the performance and sustainability of everything that surrounds us.

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