LL-638 is a dissipative antistatic detergent that provides both antistatic and dissipative properties. It improves the conductivity of the pavement and avoids triboelectric generation.

It is a neutral pH product and does not generate vapours, making it ideal for the operator who applies it. At the same time, it works on all types of surfaces and treatments, respecting the pavement’s previous crystallisation or waxing. Anti-corrosive agents have been added to prevent corrosion of furniture.

As well as having antistatic properties, the LL-638 is a powerful cleaner which can replace your current mop.

For large surfaces there is a version with controlled foam for application with a scrubbing machine (LL-639).

The new product formulation reduces drying time to just 5-10 minutes.

Unlike conventional antistatic detergents, the LL-638 not only provides properties which prevent triboelectric generation, but also provides dissipative properties to the treated surface. By applying this detergent, it is possible to eliminate the triboelectric generation of the surface and convert it into dissipative generation. In this way, the pavement can be the point of connection to earth of the person, guaranteeing the rapid dissipation of electrostatic charges, provided that it does not wear insulating footwear. Even though the person wears insulating footwear, it prevents the generation of electrostatic charge, so that the person will not be charged with static electricity when walking on the surface or pavement.

Below is the result of the measurements made by Static Auditors on a pavement before and after treating it with the LL-638 detergent.

Measurements of earth resistance and surface resistance:

Surface resistance [Ω]

Earth resistance


Electrostatic classification
Before applying 1,20E+12 4,35E+12 Insulation
After applying LL-638 3,25E+07 4,25E+08 Dissipative


Measurements of triboelectric generation:

The graphs show the electrostatic charge stored in a person’s body when walking on the pavement.

Before applying LL-638 / LL-639

After applying LL-638 / LL-639

Before applying the detergent: you can see how the electrostatic charge oscillates between 1,070 volts and -3,380 volts. When the person stops, the charge remains in the person for long periods of time, facilitating the production of electrostatic discharges.

After applying the detergent: you can see how, in this case, the electrostatic charge is practically nil. It oscillates between 7 volts and -20 volts.

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