RB-491 – Shine Restorer



RB-491 is a concentrate of waxes in water and detergents formulated for use as a maintenance product.

Application method:

Manual with mop.

Surfaces and Uses:

Mopping and maintenance of waxed floors. Gives a shine to all types of floors.

Recommended doses:

  • ON ITS OWN: Dilute with 1 to 4 parts maximum of water, then the resulting mixture can be applied directly or diluted in the scrubbing water.
  • WITH DETERGENTS: Compatible with all liquid detergents which form an opaque mixture but without forming layers or deposits. Average dose: 1 part RB-491 per 2 parts detergent.
  • WITH CRYSTALLISERS and polishing salts it can be mixed in proportions of 1 part of product RB-491 per 3 of crystalliser or 2 of salt mixture, providing a greater gloss to the finish

Similar products:

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For other applications or questions, consult Teclim Química’s technical/commercial department. Safety data sheet (MSDS) available for customers.

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