SP-300 – Self-polishing Sealer



The SP-300 is a product for the sealing and shining of floors without the need for subsequent polishing. It is therefore ideal as a self-shining product for vinyl-based synthetic floorings.

Application method:

Spread with a plastic wax applicator, or if one is not available, with a mop, the concentrated product in parallel lines. After three quarters of an hour, a second layer can be applied and left to dry for five or six hours. It is important that the floor is perfectly clean, for which it is often useful to scrub with alkaline or pH neutral detergents that do not leave residual film. To maintain the shine, a single polishing may be given every two weeks. Every three months, it is useful to carry out a general stripping by repeating the cycle.


White emulsion of plastic waxes, density 1.03 grs. /litre. Ammonia smell. It covers the pore of the pavement without cracking. Anti-slip Coefficient 0.33. Quick drying Wolf-Wilborn hardness after 72 hours: 5 ½. Can be removed with ammonia detergent. Resistant to washing with pH neutral detergents. Compatible with subsequent layers of emulsion with waxy shiners, but not with crystallisers.

Surfaces and Uses:

Mosaic, terrazzo, ceramic tile and synthetic flooring.

Recommended doses:

  • Dilutable in water in all proportions.
  • Optimal performance, 1 litre for every 45 m2 per layer.

Similar products:

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For other applications or questions, consult Teclim Química’s technical/commercial department. Safety data sheet (MSDS) available for customers.

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