Our client Cisnet 2010 (Spanish), which has a great track record in cleaning solar panels and working at height, shares their experience with the LL–578 Solar Panel Cleaning Detergents.

We interviewed Javier Cañizares, head of the company Cisnet 2010’s solar panel cleaning area.

Teclim: What method do you use to clean solar panels?

Cisnet: Our company has years of experience in the window cleaning and window cleaning at height industries. Cleaning solar panels follows a similar process, but the key point is to keep them from getting dirty again once they’re clean, which is why we were so satisfied with the results of LL-578 – Solar Panel Cleaning Detergent. Our clients appreciated it too.
Teclim: What would you emphasize about the LL-578 – Solar Panel Cleaning Detergent product compared to other products?
Cisnet: It’s highly concentrated, so the product is very efficient in terms of meters per liter. It removes dirt very easily, and you don’t need to rinse with water afterward. Compared to what we used before, the solar panels remain at optimal performance for much longer. We also keep in mind that it’s completely biodegradable, which helps us reassure our clients since plants are often in agricultural or rural areas.
Teclim: So what do you have to take with you to do a cleaning?
Cisnet: Well, just the product and having access to water where we go to make the right solutions with the LL-578 – Solar Panel Cleaning Detergent product. And obviously, the tools to be able to access the panels.
Teclim: What are the advantages of this application method over cleaning with demineralized water?
Cisnet: Water initially removes residue, but it doesn’t offer lasting protection against environmental dust, vehicle emissions, or other miscellaneous contaminants, which quickly resettle on the panels. However, with LL-578 – Solar Panel Cleaning Detergent, we create this static layer that keeps solar panels clean for much longer.
Teclim: Thank you very much, Javier, for sharing your experience with us!

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